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a wonderful surprise from my boyfriend - a rose-golden MK watch
Letze Woche bin ich aus allen Wolken gefallen, als mir mein Freund als Überraschung eine neue Michael Kors Uhr geschenkt hat. Ich hatte schon lange mit einer rose-goldenen Armbanduhr geliebäugelt und ihm die auch hunderte Male im Schaufenster und Internet gezeigt, doch ich hätte niemals damit gerechnet, dass er sie mir einfach so schenken würde. Neben dieser wunderschönen Überraschung, gab es noch weitere Highlights, die meine Woche fabelhafter gemacht haben.

Last week I am flabbergasted when my boyfriend bought a new Michael Kors watch as a surprise for me. I had long flirted with a rose-gold watch and showed him my favorite a hundred times in the shop windows and at the internet, but I've  never expected that he would just buy it for me. In addition to this wonderful surprise, there were other highlights that have made my week fabulous.

I'm kind of addicted to cream puffs with strawberries or chocolate

had a relaxing foot massage and Shanghainese pedicure

first time that I could wear my new dalmatian rain boots

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  1. What a beautiful gift! Such a lovely surprise. And those desserts look incredible! xo


  2. how awesome!! My hubs just got me an MK watch for our anniversary! I am so glad you got the one you wanted. And how dreamy that pedi must have been!! I could go for a foot massage.


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