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Eine der schwierigsten Aufgaben, die es meiner Meinung nach gibt, ist es eine passende Glückwunschkarte zu einem bestimmten Anlass zu finden. Immer wenn ich eine Karte für einen Geburtstag suche, finde ich wunderschöne Glückwunschkarten zur Geburt eines Babies, suche ich eine Karte für den Muttertag gibt es tolle Geburtstagskarten usw. Umso erfreuter war ich, als ich eine wunderschöne, aber nicht zu kitschige Glückwunschkarte für die Hochzeit meiner Freundin gefunden habe. 

In my opinion, one of the most difficult tasks that exist is to find a matching greeting card for a particular occasion. Whenever I search for a card for a birthday, I find beautiful greeting cards for the birth of a baby,when I need a card for Mother's Day, there are great birthday cards, and so on. So, you can imagine how pleased I was when I found a beautiful, but not too cheesy greeting card for the wedding of my friend.

bought a birthday gift for a friend 
relaxing start in the morning

bought some new shoes

my new favorite dessert!!!

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  1. It's a ever green idea to choose a perfect cards for the wedding and i show it's placed on the first. Another thing which should concentrate for up coming wedding is that Save the date with photo where you can use it for getting present of your connections.

  2. Can I tell you...I so love the perfect greeting card. Always makes the occasion. Finding just the right one for someone, is such a wonderful feeling. So glad you found one for your friend and her wedding day.


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